Why was this camp created?

See History of the Organization.

How do I know if this camp is right for my child?

This is a camp primarily for any child who is gender questioning. That means they can be gender creative, gender fluid, transgender, socially transitioned, cisgender, an ally, and even a sibling of a gender non-conforming child. They need to be sympathetic to gender fluid children.

What if I have other children? Can they come?

It is an excellent question and it is something that you will have to answer honestly as a family. Is the sibling an ally? A strong supporter of your gender questioning child? If so, then yes! There is a safe space within the camp for your children. If not, then it may not be the most appropriate camp next Summer. In the near future, the camp is going to make accommodations for siblings specifically, but not for the Summer of 2015. If it is a child or a sibling who is resentful of their sibling, the Camp will have to design different modules that will address the programming needs of the Camp and the family more uniquely.

Why the ages 5-12 and a 13-17 “on the go” experience?

We have modeled the camp after other camp programs age spans. This age span typically follow the ages of school aged children who are ready to be in group settings and are experienced with multiple transitions requisite of play-based camp settings.

We are working on a “Teen on the Go” Module where teens will go on adventures in the city, House of Air, ropes course, scavenger hunts, Great America, etc.

Why do you have the activities that you do?

Research has shown that creative, play-based activities such as art, self-portraits and autobiographies are central in helping children develop their self-concept in relation to society. Sometimes these stories are happy, sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are unsure and evolving. There is a safe space for each of these stories that are part of the collective “Me in the We” story of the individual within the collective gender journey of our children at Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp. We will be helping to craft these biographies and pictures to form a book about gender creative children to be published for our scholarship fund! We use movement in the form of dance, yoga, martial arts and hip hop as active and then quiet forms of movement such as mindful medidation to help ground children’s awareness of themselves in their bodies. These are also powerful ways of helping to empower children who might feel vulnerable.

There will also be plenty of activities such as gaga, soccer, capture the flag, softball, basketball, four-square, and hop-scotch throughout the day. This is camp not school!

Will you expand to other locations?

For the Summer of 2016, we will be in the Bay Area, but we can easily imagine how this model could serve all gender creative children state-wide and eventually nationally.