Hiring 2017 Staff!

Hiring 2017 Staff!

BARDC Instructor Job Description

June 26-July 14 are the Camp Dates for 2017! We will have training dates the week before camp.

Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp, located in Berkeley, is a summer day camp for gender expansive youth, their siblings, friends and allies, ages 4-18 years old. Our mission is to support gender diverse youth, their families and communities by fostering self-determination through direct services and programs.

We will have two programs 1: Play-based for Ages 4-12 and 2: “Teens-on-the-go” for Ages 13-17.
Our play-based camp will provide a safe space for the exploration of gender identity and expression, to build community for gender expansive youth and their families and to support these youth and their families with self-empowerment and resiliency curriculum.
A “teen-on-the-go” camp for gender expansive teens to participate in identity exploration and leadership opportunities and Bay Area activities in community with their peers.

We are looking for counselors who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children.

Be part of the BARDC Team! The positions we are looking to hire include:


Help and assist with camper groups. Must participate in staff training which equips them with many skills including communication skills with campers and staff, how to create successful age appropriate programs, behavior modification techniques, gender sensitivity and awareness,
resiliency and mindfulness training.  CITs must also attend pre-summer training meetings; dates to be announced. CITS are full staff members and are required to help in planning and implementing camp programming.

Group Counselors

Lead and supervise camper groups. Must be at least 16 years old and have one year of camp staff experience or counselor in training (or other equivalent program) at another camp. Group Counselors participate in planning and implementation of group activities. Each “home group” will consist three counselors (CIT, Jr. Counselor and Sr. Counselor) and work with approximately 18 campers each.

Specific preferred requirements for positions at BARDC include:
• Complete Training (2 day RULER; gender sensitivity) dates to be determined
• 3 week commitment June 206-July 14, 2016
• Previous youth leadership experience
• Fun attitude toward youth
• Diversity and inclusion experience
• Excellent work/leadership reference
• 2 Friday afternoon events

Send your resume via email or mail, and we’ll arrange an interview.

Sandra Collins, Executive Director, Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp

email: sandra_collins@rainbowdaycamp.org / 510-703-4924


Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
The Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp does not discriminate against any applicant or employee with regard to hiring, retention, promotion, benefits or compensation because of race, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Similarly, the Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp does not discriminate against any applicant for services on any of the above criteria, and is committed to the promotion of diversity in all of its programs. All staff are expected to uphold and further this policy.