Interesting Problematic for “Women’s Colleges”

The New York Times reported on Oct. 15 on the experience of gender expansive students at women’s colleges such as Wellesley. It’s an interesting problematic about what it means to be at a “women’s college” when gender is no longer binary for the administration, fellow students and gender expansive students themselves. There are no clear solutions, with some students who transitioned dropping out and others who remaining and fighting for “siblinghood.”

Mt. Holyoke College advanced a progressive policy of accepting any academically qualified students and Mills will accept anyone who self-identifies as female, even trans women. But this all begs the question of just what is “trans-inclusiveness”? Are women’s colleges exclusionary by nature or can they adapt to be more inclusive? In the end, is there a place for everyone at the seminar table based on their wanting to be there irregardless of their assigned gender, their self-affirmed gender and their subscribed status as students? If women’s colleges evolve to be pro-humanists will they lose their essential character and safe space?19transmen1-master675

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