How to be a Trans* Ally

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PFLAG has just published this amazing guide to being a trans ally*. As a cisgender parent to a transgender child, it has been incredibly helpful as I navigate this new terrain.

I make mistakes all the time as I talk to my partner, my children, my family, the schools and my community. I am working on my own self, as I mourn the loss of my son, my expectations and my internal biases in order to celebrate the arrival of my daughter and the new expectations of raising a transgender daughter in the 21st century in the Bay Area despite the liberal bearings and legal protections. We still face bullying and discrimination every day.  I need to stay strong. My family needs to stay strong.

So we need to be educated on how to be an ally for each other for our child. This is about Parenting 101. This is about being an ally.

If recent events in America have taught us anything,it is the awesome words of Martin Luther King, Jr. that keep reverberating in my soul, “We will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” So, let us stand up and protect our children but also all children. We first begin at home and then we begin protecting all children, transgender or not. We need to accept all children who walk this Earth with loving kindness.

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  1. Just downloaded this reader-friendly publication for my weekend reading. Didn’t know about Straight for Equality either. I was just discussing on our preschool tour today about children learning to be allies for each other. Thanks so much!!

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